Yeah This Sucks

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Another 2 Weeks.

Yeah it sucks but it’s necessary.

Hopefully after the 15th we can get back to some sort of normal but we have to wait and see. NYSPHAA made the call and Section XI is right behind them. They know how devastating this is to all you high school athletes and not just the seniors but it effects the junior class as well. With no spring season stats for college recruiters to look at, how much harder are things going to be for them next year.

This could be the last time you seniors will be on the fields with your brothers and sisters. You have spent years sweating, winning and losing together, its devastating to say the least.

So what can you do?

Well with so much uncertainty surrounding this virus we have no idea how things will play out so we have to be optimistic because the alternative is just too depressing.

Besides keeping up with your class work, your coaches are probably reaching out to you also.

Talk to them.

Practice when you can because you may just be back on the field come the 15th of April.

Though this all really sucks, and the not knowing is killing everyone, you have to keep moving forward and doing what’s best for you and your team. Because who wants to walk on that field not prepared to do your best?

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