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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

NYSPHSAA sent out a tweet today that might have some of our athletes and their families a bit confused. Heck I know I was for a few minutes and I needed to contact someone to explain it to me. So I am going to pass along what I learned in regard to their latest tweet. All of us here within the Section XI boundaries, which is just about all of Suffolk County, already know they had made their public statement a while back telling everyone that there will be no spring sport season here on Long Island. Sinks, I know, but today the NYSPHSAA sent out a tweet that made it sound like there was still hope. So let's clarify this a little bit.

The NY State Governor gives us all a brief glimpse of his plans on how to reopen the state during his Sunday press conference. From my (yes limited) understanding, the Governor seems to have broken this all down into phases. Within phase one, which sounds like to might go into effect on or around May 15th, the upstate regions will have some businesses start to reopen. Again, with no actual mention of schools at this point he said that once those limited businesses do open we will then wait 14 days to see if there is a rise in positive cases and hospital admissions for people with covid-19. So if businesses will open the week of May 15th and they need to wait 2 weeks from that exact date this puts us around the first week of June.

Downstate ( that would be us) would not be opening up businesses for a few weeks after that, and this also depends on if this plan actually works. If there is a spike in covid-19 cases, we don't know if there would be a complete freeze on openings or if they would be putting us back into a lock down again (let's hope not) So everything is going to happen in increments and its going to take some time. That being said, it sure doesn't look good for schools in Suffolk County.

Now everyone has to remember that the NYCPHSAA organization covers the entire state of NY and that includes those schools upstate. If things go well and the schools in those phase one areas do happen to open I BELEIVE that there tweet is saying, that the athletic sections in those areas could possible allow high school sports to happen, schools need to be open first, but its possible. Yet there still will be no Championships played.

I hope this makes sense for all of us here. They as well as all of us do want to see high school sports happen and they are doing everything within a health stand point to see that it does, but again, everyone's health is at the forefront of all of this and, well, we cant fault them for that.

Lets all just hope and pray that fall sports will happen and we can start fresh in Sept.

Here is the link to the statement from NYSPHSAA


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