Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Yes, Im asking...... Really?

I want to know who is actually in charge of making the decisions when it comes to what can open during each phase because not one thing makes sense.

As far something like High School Sports, we all do recognose that there are a lot of hoops that have to be jumped though. We have to go by what the Governor says first and foremost, then you have your local government, (where we live its our County Executive) but then we are having to deal with the NFHS, and then NYSHSS, then its down to your high School's pricipal and Athletic Directors. There are just way too many organizations in the way, at least I feel that way.

We all know what we are dealing with here, and I do not believe that any Coach would do anything to put their athletes in harms way, let alone the School Districts themselves. They take the health and safety of their students very seriously.

Here's an example, our school district created a plan for every one of our Seniors to be able to attend their High School Graduation. They were following the guidelines, keep each and every student separated but 6 feet. They put a limit to the amount of guests for each senior.

They had great plan.

Then the NY State Governor stated graduations can happen, but limited to only 150 students. Most of our schools here have graduating classes of over 200 per year. So now everything has changed once again for them.

I've read things from other states saying that businesses can open, you can go into your local Macy's and shop until your hearts content (following distance guidelines of course) but you still have to utilize curb-side pick-up for your local library.

Really? Someone please tell me what is the difference?

Your local town sports organizations can start running again, For example a Cross Country team, but the High School Team cant get together and practice. What is the difference between a 7yr old running and a 16yr old running?

I need answers...

So who exactly is in charge of making these types of ridiculous calls? Is anyone really paying attention on Albany to what they are saying?

We need answers.


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