Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Both Section XI (Suffolk County) and Section VIII (Nassau County) councils made the hard call in cancelling what could have been the remainder of a spring season for high school sports on Long Island.

The disappointment is felt thoughout the Island as athletes post their sorrows on social media as well as their goodbyes to a season that never was. The seniors are the ones most effected but this. When your expecting to get out onto the field and play your last games and then have ripped out right from under you the shock of it all is very real. They had goals they still were reaching for and rivalries they still wanted to confront but with the Covid-19 virus wrecking havoc on their state what had to be put front and foremost was their safety.

Parents across the Island are at a loss and are having to find a way to comfort those that need comforting and its not easy. A resolve needs to be found in these dark times and you need to stand by them as they fight their way through this, and they will.

This will end and they will move on to their next chapter. They will make new friends and new memories and they will always have these time to look back to and reflect on their abilities to handle this storm. with your guidance

So don't lose heart athletes, though you may want to. Before you know it you will be off and experiencing a different part of life both in your academics and with your sports, and we are all nothing more then proud of each and everyone of you.

When the darkness comes

Look towards the stars

Your future lies within them.

For you will persevere

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