Playing Winter Sports

NYSPHSAA announced that as far as they are concerned, Winter High School Sports can start Nov. 30th.

Of Course, the immediate reaction is "Great, let's get this started!" until you take a moment and look at the bigger picture here. Neither of the Long Island Sections have agreed to this, with a 50 person gathering limitation on everything in NY state and the Covid numbers rising, why in the world would they make this announcement?

It's like they are playing with the emotions of these Student Athletes.

We are two weeks away from the start date and we have yet to hear anything from the Sections, and we are all betting that they will not let this happen. I mean, how can they. There are rumors going around all over the place that some area schools are talking about going full remote learning from Thanksgiving until Christmas, so if they cant be in class together how can they justify being on the fields together?

Ok well, we aren't talking about Football here (though we wish we were) we are talking about the low risk sports, like Swimming, and Winter Track. But that still doesn't make any sense to me as well.

I really want to know if any of those people in that organization have every been to a winter track meet at Suffolk Community College on a Saturday Afternoon?

They will break the day up with two different times for the boys to run and two different times for the girls. Most of the times this can take up and entire weekend, but it usually started on a Friday night.

Ive been in that gym, they average 180-240 ATHLETES competing at one time. There is no way that can happen! So I read that they are considering doing it "old School" and running outdoors.


In between snow storms?

Listen I believe that they are trying and want to do

something to get these kids on the fields but you cant make an announcement like that. I know so many kids and a few coaches that actually think they will be running in two weeks?

Schools might not be open in two weeks!

No, this was a bad call on NYSPHSAA and all I see that this has accomplished is getting the hopes up, once again, for these athletes, only to smash them back down on the pavement once again.

Talk about dropping the ball....

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