Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This past week the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) gave out their Guidance for opening High School Athletics and Activities ( You can read it HERE ) following the Covid-19 pandemic. I printed it out and spend some time reading over these guidelines and there are a few things that jump right out at me.

1. I get the feeling after reading this 16 page guideline, that schools could very possibly not be opening up in September. But again, this is only MY assumption. ( hearing from the students, they are thinking this as well) After reading all that is going to be required to do just so that high School Sports can take place, I cant see how some of their guidelines can be followed even on a regular school day, and this is only guidelines from one organization.

2. These guidelines are going to be very near impossible to adhere to as an athlete.

Though I completely understand what they are trying to implement here, their first priority is to keep both students and staff safe and healthy. Yet, even though we are 2 months into this pandemic in our country, there is still too much of the unknown in regard to it.

Now we can all sit here and take these guidelines verbatim, but these are created from the National Organization. They do state that this is what they would like to see happen, but they do know that every state and region, are also going to have to implement new standard depending their location and their rate of infection. So these guidelines, in my mind, are somewhat premature because we all know that things are changing almost at a daily rate. What we are dealing with is new to everyone, and at this point we have no idea when there will be or even if there will be an end.

With all that being said, they are doing their best to navigate through all this to try and get High School Sports up and running, I really do give them credit for that. This is not an easy task, I can see that from reading though their guidelines. We as sports fans, as parents and as athletes have to give organizations like NFHS the time they need to work though the limited information we have in regards to this pandemic.

We all want to see our students back on the fields but we all need to make sure that it is done safely. I hope that is something we can all agree on.

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