Let's get this Bus Rolling!

It was our first full week of High School Fall sports and we plowed right through it.

We started the week with a wonderful memorial game with the Girl Volleyball team. They retired the jersey of Maddie Mergl. who tragically lost her life a year ago. Her entire family was there to receive her Jersey and to listen to love from her teammates and coach.

The team is playing his entire season in memory of Maddie, a beautiful gesture.

We then went into Sayville Boys Cross Country meet. Vastly different then what everyone is use to but it did go off without a hitch. They were also giving the news that there will in fact be a Division Champions Ship ( April 12th) and a County Championships as well (April 21st) so they have something to look forward to this season.

Wednesday we found ourselves on the sidelines on a very cold night, for the Boys Soccer meet against North Babylon. Our Boys have a championship under their bets and from the looks of it, they are going to keep it. Though there was no score it was an intense game none the less.

Thursday took is to the Ladies and Field Hockey. They played against East Hampton and they sent them back home with a loss. (Sayville 3 East Hampton 2) The energy and the way these ladies play off each other is impressive to say the least.

And to what we all have been waiting for, Football is back and Sayville is on their game. Even with such a small crowd the energy was palpable. These boys proved that no matter how long they may be off the field, they still have what it takes and they aren't letting anyone not know it.

With Jack Cheshire throwing for 231 yard in the first half alone, including 4 touchdowns you can tell that the entire team has not let a few months keep them back .

With a 58-6 win over Kings Park we are just seeing the beginning of what these guys can do.

Saturday Both the Girls and Boys Volleyball teams competed. The girls swept Rocky Point on their own Court while the Boys had a nail biter of a day agains Northport.

Yes, it was a hectic week but one we have all been waiting for. We at Suffolk Sports Media couldn't be happier to see all of our talented athletes back were they belong, We are holding out hope that all spectators will be able to sit on the sidelines soon.

Next week will be more of the same, as it should be.

All photos courtesy of Suffolk Sports Media. You can view all the images from all of these games HERE

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