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Updated: Sep 13, 2020


You have a large amount of kids hanging in the balance here and with every new bit of information coming from your offices you're killing a dream.

These kids are dedicated to their sport, they give everything they have for it, and to be dancing around this issue is disheartening at best.

We all understand that your organization has to follow the rule set out by the Governor of NY, but am I the only person here thinks that lately, his rules seem a bit off kilter? Some sports are ok, but other arent? Its ok to walk into Home Depot but he has to make sure that the virus cant be spread through the HVAC systems in the malls. What is the difference between the two?

This virus has been around for a few month now and our state has done a good job when it comes to "flattening the curve". We all know what needs to be done at this point, So cant we find a way to work this through? At the rate we are going now, I feel as if a decision on Fall High School Sports won't be made until the second week of August and at that point, if they can go back to playing, it will be too late.

These kids need to get their practices in, they are aching for it, so cant you all figure out a way for their coaches to over see this?

The coaches are not going to put their athletes in harms way, out of the shear fact that they need each and everyone of them in top health and ready to play when the time comes. So you need to trust in your coaches and let them be with their athletes.

If a parent doesn't want their kids in a sporting environment then you let them make that call, the MLB System is letting players opt-out for safety concerns with no penalties. No coach would think or act any different to any kid that didn't want to be there for fear of getting sick.

Yet there are kids that want to be there, so find a way for this to happen, it's the least that you can do for them.

Find a work around, listen to your athletes, trust your coaches, do something!

Sincerely ,

A High School Sports Fan

#LetThemPlay #NYSPHSAA #Trustyourcoaches

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