At What Cost?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Newsday Sports Reporter Roger Rubin (you can read his article HERE) had the opportunity to speak with Both Section XI executive director Tom Combs and Section VIII executive director Pat Pizzarelli about the possibility of getting the spring sports season up and running as early as May 1st or as late as the middle of May.

Though they have both been spending a great deal of time trying to figure out the logistics of doing this we still have to wonder, at what cost?

A modified season would be the only way that this could fly (which they give as examples in this article) but we are talking about cutting the baseball season to a 2 game per league match up for a 12 game regular season.

So aren't they asking to place more pressure onto students at the busiest time of their school year?

The seniors are the ones that are hurting the most in regards to the possibility of no season at all. Yet they are losing out on so much more than that. From prom, possibly even a graduation ceremony, and with the latest new of regents exams cancelled, the uncertainty of their last year is falling into an abyss of the unknown. Lets even not talk about the Junior class athletes!

So now they could be looking at a smaller season game plan shoved within 6 to 8 weeks of school. (If we even do go back my May 1st)

No, this is a bad thought process and one I question.

Who exactly will benefit from doing this?

Outside of the additional pressure on them your trying, (yes will all good intentions) to give them some semblance of a season but that too could backfire. They still need to get in required practices. Some spring teams hadn't even gotten the chance to hold full try-outs. So you're looking to push out a season which some students are not prepared for? Not to mention you still might have a senior that hasn't signed with a college yet and shoving this shortened season on them can inadvertently hurt their chances.

Though I believe the there hearts are truly in the right place, I honestly don't think they are thinking this through.

How would creating a shorter season at the end of a high school athletes school year benefit them?

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